Day One Press Release

Pacific Asia Regional Model United Nations March 26, 2013

by Sarah Anne Guzman, Press Corps STAMUN

Alicia Limtiaco spoke in the S.O.C.H.U.M. room about human trafficking, this morning. She also opened up the floor for questions and comments. She used bullet points on the PowerPoint. 

Mike Yoon, chair of the Social, Political, and Decolonization Committee represented the United States of America, and brought the Constitution, the Bible, and human rights into his speech. 

Rosario Perez and the rest of S.O.C.H.U.M. took a ten-minute break in between the debates about the world’s human trafficking issues, and discussed the issues with the delegates of Egypt, Italy, China, and Solomon Islands.    

The United Nations Environmental Program Committee’s David spoke about how he felt about the sea pollution. He also expressed how he felt Mali was polluting the international oceans. 

Alejandro Cruz Attiogue expressed his thoughts about the pollution being distributed by countries all over the world to the oceans in today’s debates, and he also used his country as an example.
Dr. Guile listened patiently, carefully, and attentively to each delegates’ thoughts of the U.N.D.P. committee. He also opened the floor to any opposing thoughts of the other delegates.