The Best Delegate Award and Honorable Mention Award

The Best Delegate Award and Honorable Mention Award are awarded to the delegates who perform highest as measured against certain standards. Since STAMUNPARC is open to a variety of students ranging from different grade levels, the Best Delegate Award will be given to a maximum of three participants: the best middle school delegate, the best high school delegate, and the best college/university delegate. The Honorable Mention Award is the second highest award and is awarded to an indefinite number of delegates. Delegates will be judged individually by their respective chair(s) and panel member(s). The quality of a delegate’s performance will be measured against a set of criteria that each committee chair and panel member will follow. The criteria are:  

  1. How accurately a delegate represents his/her country; the accuracy of a delegate’s representation is extremely important and will be carefully examined throughout the conference.
  2. Diplomacy; delegates are expected to act diplomatically throughout the conference. Delegates who fail to handle debate diplomatically will be judged adversely.
  3. Oratory skills; how a delegate conveys his/her position on certain topics is significant in creating a productive committee session. Thus, delegates will be judged on how well they vocalize their thoughts and positions.
  4. Attire; if a delegate does not wear proper attire, then he/she will be judged negatively by the chair(s)/panel member(s). The chairs will not judge how stylish a delegate is, but rather if he/she is wearing proper attire.
  5. Leadership; delegates that exhibit great leadership and initiative in their committee will be judged positively. However, delegates must still exercise diplomacy and civility when leading/initiating a debate.
  6. Position Paper; the quality of a delegate’s position paper will also be examined. The more accurate, creative, and realistic a position paper is, the better its quality.
  7. Substance; a delegate’s performance will also be based on the substance of his/her argument. It is important that a delegate remembers that it is not the quantity of his/her words, but the quality that the judges will be looking at.
  8. Participation; it is important that delegates attend at least ¾ of their committee’s sessions. Delegates who meet this requirement and are active in debate will be looked upon positively.

The Best Position Paper Award

The Best Position Paper Award will be awarded to the delegate who writes the best position paper. A delegate can win the Best Position Paper Award and the Best Delegate or Honorable Mention Award simultaneously. The quality of a delegate’s position paper will be determined through a set of criteria that each committee chair and panel member will follow. The criteria are:

  1. Accuracy; the accuracy of a delegate’s position and background information within his/her position paper is extremely important.
  2. Substance; the substance of a delegate’s position paper is important. It is not the quantity of words that a delegate writes, but the quality of them. Position papers that calmly address the topic at hand in a direct manner will be graded positively. 
  3. Creativity/Ingenuity in regards to Possible Resolutions; delegates who present creative yet realistic solutions to the topics at hand will be graded positively. Position papers that integrate existing relevant resolutions and simultaneously provide solutions that complement these resolutions will also be graded positively.
  4. Organization; position papers that are organized in thought and follow the organization layout within the delegate handbook will be graded positively.

The Certificate of Participation and the Acknowledgement of Off-Island Delegation Award

A Certificate of Participation will be presented to all delegates/journalists that attend at least ¾ of their committee’s sessions/conferences. Delegates who do not meet this requirement still may be given a Certificate of Participation depending on the circumstances surrounding their absence. The Acknowledgment of Off-Island Delegation Award will be awarded to all delegates/journalists outside of Guam that attend STAMUNPARC.

The Best Journalist Award (Press Corps Only)

The Best Journalist Award will be awarded to a variety of journalists who will be graded by their advisor(s)/panel members based on the following criteria:

  1. Quality of Writing; in STAMUNPARC, journalists will detail the work of committee sessions which will be compiled into a journal and released to committee delegates. The more formal, substantive, creative, and credible a journalist’s article is, the higher its quality.
  2. Quality of Photography; in STAMUNPARC, journalists will also be taking pictures of committee sessions. Journalists who take high quality photographs will be graded highly.
  3. Responsibility; journalists who meet their writing/photography deadlines in a timely manner, are organized, and abide by the conference rules will be graded highly.